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Hat supplier to tell you. Hat production process

Hat production process

Hat production process has sewing, felt molding, knitting, weaving, injection molding and other processes. ① sewing: Sewing machine sewing mainly, is the main production process cap. The general process in order for the shop material, cut the skin, cutting, sewing, ironing stereotypes, sewing decoration, finished product inspection. Due to the different varieties of hats, ironing stereotypes and procedures are also different. Such as natural, chemical fiber fabric for the material sewn dome hat, forward hat, etc., after sewing in the helmet head with electric iron ironing, so that the shape of the hat stickers, Tingya beautiful. The lace hat is sewn a good hat set in the helmet on the head, through the lining cloth, cotton, brush, heating and other methods to form a flat cap tires, and then sew a good leather cap sets, through Nail flat, heating, drying, the formation of the cap and the skin together with the shape of the cap, and then sew the cap ear fan, and finally into a hat. ② felt forming: mainly used for hat production. Will be combed wool, tires, bleaching and dyeing, and then according to the style of the corresponding helmet for ironing, compression molding. ③ knitting: knitting woven into a hat tube, hat, and then sewing, ironing and so on. And the sewing process is basically the same. ④ weaving: the main use of needle, crochet and other manual weaving molding. ⑤ injection: plastic injection molding machine through the injection molding. Mainly used for the production of helmets and so on.

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