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Hat manufacturer tell you the variety of hats

Hat variety

(Including baby caps); according to the material points, there are leather hats, cloth hat, hat, felt hat, straw hat, helmet, plastic cap, etc .; press the hat, the hat Handbags, hat, national hat, religious hat, sports cap; seasonal seasons, there are winter cold hats, summer sun hat, spring and autumn wear wind and sand cover; according to the characteristics of modeling points, There are brimmed hat, cap, cap. With the development of science and technology, the type of hat more and more, the function continues to expand, the emergence of medical magnetic hood, to prevent the driver nap the electronic hat, automatic massage of the music cap and radio safety alarm cap and so on.
Have a hat
Generally refers to a cap with a hat. The main hat, hats and the following varieties. ① Panama hat: Central and South America palm leaves young leaves made of light-colored straw hat. For men and women summer summer with a hat. With its main distribution center named after Panama. ② Dutch cap: cap crown, hat back or side of the Dutch traditional female hat. ③ Mexican hat: wide eaves tall hat or wool hat. Popular in Spain, Mexico and South America. ④ sailors hat: the whole circle of hat erect upward folding cap. Also known as sailor hat. Usually the cap is four, cut into hemispherical. From the American soldier's dress. ⑤ Napoleon hat: before and after the hat up to fold, easy to carry the hat. Also known as double horns. The main cap type for the Napoleonic era. Is now the United States, Britain, France Navy honor guard with a hat. ⑥ Robin Hood: cap crown and high, hat from the back to both sides of the folding cap. Due to the 12th century British legend of the hero Robin Hood wearing a name. ⑦ sun hat: cap was round, hat along the hat to the surrounding stretch, surrounded by steel bar support. There are two types of folds and folds. In China is a summer young women often wear a hat. ⑧ straw hat: the shape of the sun shade sun shade dual-use cap. To wheat stalks and other plants stem into 缏 re-processing molding. ⑨ basin cap: the fabric for the hat, lined with corky things, or palm leaf made of basin-shaped cap. ⑩ big eaves hat: forward large eaves of the female sun hat. Because the British film "Jane Eyre" heroine wear, also known as Jane love hat.
No cap
Usually no eaves, but also includes the front half of the tongue cap. There are 10 species. ① Soviet cap: cap for the leather, the top flat round was 6 petals, cap edge of the ear warm hat. Originally for the Nordic, Western European farmers or hunters wear. In the 1950s by the Soviet Union into China. Tongueless, said the Soviet style, the tongue called peace. ② Xinjiang hat: the top of the 4 edge, and more to the color velveteen for the hat, to embroidery, beaded embroidery, small and exquisite, for the Uygur traditional hat. ③ Rosanna hat: cylindrical camel hat. Top of the pompon, eyebrows exposed tongue. The first half of the 20th century is widely popular in China. ④ berets: also known as Dr. hat. Usually black or dark blue wool cap. ⑤ red cap: a hat with a gray flat cloth cap. Hat was octagonal, also known as octagonal cap. Originally used in the 1930s Chinese workers and peasants Red Army. ⑥ cap: China before the May Fourth Movement from abroad, because of its shape duckling named. Cap high before the low, also known as forward hat. ⑦ big cap: also known as large eaves hat. Before the end of the Qing Dynasty into China. Is now a member of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (see military uniform), also used for professional service. ⑧ Hui Man hat: the top circle, the wall before the high and low, mostly white cloth or green velvet made. There is a single, double of the points. For the Hui traditional hat. ⑨ library Jin felt hat: the shape of the hat helmet, the top of the plate gold embroidery, the bottom of the mosaic decoration. There are small eaves in front of the hat, ear hooded mouse hair. Mostly for the Tibetan people to wear. ⑩ chef hat: dome, surrounded by pinch fold, under a wide hoop mouth. The higher the chef's hat, the higher the craftsmanship, the highest up to 35cm.
Tightly covering the head and back of the brain, exposing the forehead, and the cap in the palate. Sometimes with hat. There are six kinds. ① baby hat: often made of silk or fabric. ② tiger hat: the shape of the tiger's head, for children. Similar to the rabbit hat and so on. ③ swimming cap: with a rubber or other waterproof material to do swimming hat. ④ sleep hat: sleep when the hair with the cap, the lower palatal band with fixed.


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